Good Night Poems for Boyfriend: Poems for Him

Good Night Poems for Boyfriend: It’s never not cool to wish your guy good night. Never ever believe that you’ll come across as clingy if you send cute messages to him at night. Let your heart take over and write a short poem for your boyfriend as you wish him sweet dreams. This post is bubbling with rhymes that will give peace to the romantic soul. Read them and be inspired to write your heart out to express your love in words that talk about cuddles, kisses and hugs – just the things you need from your guy. Poke him with your rhymes on Facebook, Pinterest, WhatsApp, SnapChat and all the other places where you can indulge in some mushy talk before you both fall asleep.

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1) Is it just me

Or do you feel it to

My soul suffocates

When I’m away from you

Dazed and burnt out

Tired and lonely

Silently suffe…

Birthday Poems for Stepdaughter

Birthday Poems for Stepdaughter: What to write on a birthday card for your stepdaughter? Well first of all, relax. Stop worrying about how you can create the best every birthday wishes she has ever had. Stop looking up birthday quotes and messages that talk about being a stepmom and a stepdad. Loosen up and think about all the happiness that your life has been filled with, ever since you became a part of the same family. You don’t always need to have a biological connection to have some of life’s most special relationships. The bond between a stepparent and a stepdaughter is unlike anything else. Read these poems and relate the words to the relationship you share with your step daughter. Think about this and start writing your own feelings on a piece of paper or a greeting card. Be original, let your thoughts run deep and pen down what you truly feel about her. Carve it all up in a nice poem and put it up on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Let your stepdaughter know that you ma…